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Company Overview

For more than 27 years, Barry Rhein & Associates has been the most sought-after sales training and consulting organization in Silicon Valley, offering a family of instructor-led curiosity-based programs including the highly acclaimed Selling Through Curiosity™ and Managing Through Curiosity™, which have been delivered by the company to tens of thousands of people from numerous companies worldwide.

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Barry Rhein

The company leadership team brings together individuals with numerous decades of selling, training, and professional leadership experience. We understand that each client has its own unique culture and selling style. Our leaders and instructors understand how to apply and put into practice the skills used by some of the most effective salespeople, while leveraging the strength of your people with their unique industry and business experience.

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Clients of the firm span a wide variety of industries and range from small start-up organizations to multi-divisional global companies.  Clients utilize a broad array of underlying sales methodologies and leadership practices that are complemented by the company's curiosity-based programs.

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Our Guarantee

Barry Rhein & Associates is so confident in Selling Through Curiosity's™ ability to impact your results that we want to make your decision to attend our virtual program as simple as possible.  We have created a free trial to allow you and your team to experience the Selling Through Curiosity experience at no cost.  Click here to request information on the free trial.



Our Training Approach

What You'll LearnSelling Through Curiosity™ is a results-based sales skills program.  We believe that effecting short-term and long-term behavioral change requires a transformation of skill sets along with continued practice to ensure a level of execution that is consistent and repeatable.  True sales transformation requires both belief and behavior adaptation.  We focus on both beliefs regarding what selling is about (genuine curiosity and genuine caring) and skill sets to get the results desired.  In most cases, the conclusions that people draw (accurately or inaccurately) about how to properly sell contribute to their lack of success.  Consequently, it is these limiting beliefs that dictate how they sell: what they say, the tools they use, their approach, and how they interpret information throughout the sales process.  Our training approach creates an opportunity for every student to see how their current thinking and skill sets contribute to their lack of success in achieving their desired goals.  As an example: we help people realize that they don’t know what they don’t know.  Not knowing what they don’t know is the culprit that causes individuals, teams, and companies to waste time, waste resources, miss forecasts, lose sales, increase selling cycles, increase discount levels, and become stressed and frustrated.

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Benefits of Virtual Delivery

Immediate and Measurable Sales Results Without Travel

Imagine all the benefits of the world's most effective in-person sales skills program available virtually.  Most "virtual" programs are dressed-up e-learning self-paced or online video-based programs. Although they claim to have "interactive exercises," most of the information is one-way.

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Channel Transformation

  • What if you could dramatically increase the success of your channel partners'?
  • What if you could capture their mindshare and accelerate your product and service revenues through your channel?
  • What if your channel partners thought of you first?
  • What if you could establish a common selling language?
  • What if you could greatly increase partner loyalty?

These are all the outcomes of implementing the Selling Through Curiosity™ Suite with your channel partners. The Holy Grail is to have your partners think of you first and want to sell your products and solutions before your competitors'. We have a unique way to enable your channel to execute your key sales initiatives and sell more of your product. For the first time ever, we can give your partners a competitive selling advantage.

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