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Immediate and measurable results!

"Selling Through Curiosity™ is the most interactive virtual sales skills program we have ever seen. Barry has figured out a way to keep people engaged and challenged virtually. Our own sales reps were able to learn new skills, practice those skills virtually, and immediately apply them in real life. Barry gets immediate and measurable results in a virtual format."

Doug Dennerline

Senior Vice President and General Manager


Benefits of Virtual Delivery

Immediate and Measurable Sales Results Without Travel

Imagine all the benefits of the world's most effective in-person sales skills program available virtually.  Most "virtual" programs are dressed-up e-learning self-paced or online video-based programs. Although they claim to have "interactive exercises," most of the information is one-way.

What makes our program different?

  • Manager-led training - each individual manager leads their team through the different training huddles without any train-the-trainer instruction.
  • Customized learning paths – you pick the training topics that best fit the needs of your team.
  • Focus on real deals – all trainings are tied to real deals currently in your pipeline.  (If you don’t have a healthy pipeline, we will teach you how to develop one!)
  • Team-based approach – everyone will share best practices used to increase individual and team sales effectiveness.
  • Peer to peer coaching – this accelerates learning and sharing best practices.
  • All training huddles have individual pre-work and team role play exercises designed to minimize time out of the field.
  • Students see immediate results due to the virtual format. With each training huddle new skills are learned, practiced as a team, and applied to live customers immediately.
  • All travel-related expenses and wasted time are eliminated.

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