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I never would have thought developing my people could be so easy.

"Selling Through Curiosity™ changed how our teams do businesses. Managing Through Curiosity™ helped my managers become true leaders and coaches. "I never would have thought that developing my people could be so easy."

Michael Nicosia

Enterprise Manager

I became the #1 Worldwide Rep.

"With Barry’s approach and tools, I became comfortable and confident making the calls that I need to. I LOVE my 'Objection Handling Flip Chart' from class. It singlehandedly helped me quadruple the amount of appointments that I set. With Barry's approach I was able to quickly become the #1 worldwide rep, selling 1/3 of our entire company's annual revenue with 15 people in sales."

Mark Meyer

Northeast Regional Sales Manager


Simple yet methodical approach

"I have taken lots of sales training. I have never seen such a simple yet methodical correlation between asking the right questions and using that data to customize my presentations. We used Barry's approach with every presentation and my sales engineers used it on every demo. Our win rate went through the ceiling! Because of Barry, when I was with Ariba, I became the #1 sales rep worldwide and then the #1 manager worldwide. I could not have done it without him!"

John Magner

EVP Sales and Services

Managing Through Curiosity™ had a profound impact on our results.

"My managers now conduct more effective account reviews with their reps and spend more time providing strategic advice and direction. We publish comprehensive STC statistics on dashboards allowing us to tie booking success to each rep's use of STC.  We now see better qualification, shorter sales cycles and increasing average deal size since implementing STC and MTC."

Michael BeDell

Advanced Customer Services

Managing Through Curiosity™

Managing Through Curiosity™ is an instructor-led virtual workshop intended for managers of teams that have completed the Selling Through Curiosity™ program.  Managing Through Curiosity's™ purpose is to accelerate adoption, develop great coaching skills, and ensure the success of the Selling Through Curiosity™ curriculum.

Welcome to Managing Through Curiosity!™ This powerful program will:

  • Maximize the adoption of Selling Through Curiosity™ throughout your sales force.
  • Ensure that every sales transaction is set up properly.
  • Dramatically improve your sales team's accuracy in forecasting deal potentials.
  • Maximize the income generated from every sales opportunity.
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete the sales transaction.
  • Develop your sales personnel and dramatically increase their expertise in initiating, structuring and completing sales transactions.
  • Maximize your closing opportunities by identifying and addressing unexpected elements that could cause the transaction to delay or die.
  • Allow you more time to do the things you need to do, by empowering your sales force and then holding them accountable for specific, measurable results.
  • In short, give you the skills to effectively manage and coach your sales force to insure the success of all potential sales opportunities.

Prerequisite: Managers should have attended the Selling Through Curiosity™ program and should manage teams that have completed the program.

To learn more about the Managing Through Curiosity™ program, please contact us directly.

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