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Barry more than doubled our business to over 40 million!

"Prior to Barry, our company was 0 for 30 in making our quarterly number. Since Barry's training, we are 10 out of 10 quarters always making our number. We more than doubled the business to over 40 million, and we have never spent a day unprofitable since Barry."

Bob Dunne

SVP Sales


The verdict is in. Our Q1, Q2, and Q3 year-over-year numbers are in.

"In a down economy, because of Selling Through Curiosity™ our ASP is up, our new business growth is up 44%, and our pipeline grew from 2.5x to 4.8x."

David Twohy

Vice President & GM TSG

Hewlett-Packard Company

No one can get close to the results that Barry can.

"I have used Barry in many of our companies with unheard-of success. Barry has a gift to teach anyone how to sell in a way that generates immediate success and long-term results. His teachings are simple yet effective 100% of the time. No one can get close to the results that Barry can. Without a doubt, Barry is the most effective and successful sales trainer in Silicon Valley."

Steve Baloff

General Partner

Advanced Technology Ventures

I learned a great deal from this master sales trainer!

"After attending Barry Rhein's workshop, I am happy to report that I learned a great deal from this master sales trainer. Barry's multi-layered questioning process teases out not only a clear picture of what the customer wants, but also gets the customer to clearly recognize the value of the salesperson's solution. Selling Through Curiosity™ is a brilliant and fun-to-use framework for driving up sales."

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder & Publisher

Selling Power Magazine

My people were excited and pumped about the training.

"I have been to many trainings in the past at IBM, Health Net, Apple, and Computer Associates (SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Signature Selling, Customer Value, etc.). This one - rocked! My people were excited and pumped about the training. I have been working to get my team to call at higher levels, and the tools that we learned will be a catalyst for change."

Tony Williams

VP of SLED Sales

HP Platinum Partner

Barry is the only choice!

"We at Salesforce.com can pick from the best trainers in the world. If you want tangible sales results, Barry is the only choice!"

Judi Feeley

Former SVP, Global Enterprise Sales


The results have been significant in many ways.

"Sales meetings have increased. Opportunities have increased. Sales have increased. Bottom line: This sales training brought new life to very seasoned and educated sales reps."

Valerie Reamer


HP Gold Partner

His skills allowed me to double and triple my income.

"I have worked for the best: Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, to name a few. I can tell you that in the world of results-based trainings, there are no programs that can get you measurable results faster than Barry. He has single-handedly helped me achieve greater success than I ever imagined, and his skills allowed me to double and triple my income. I use what he teaches every day."

Carolyn McCormick

Success Coach for Life

With Barry, we are now untouchable!

"The results were immediate and have been incredible. As a sales engineer and sales engineer manager, I have been skeptical of different sales trainings. After attending Barry's training, my sales reps and I speak the same language. Now we customize our solution more precisely for our customers' true business drivers, citing tangible benefits. The results were immediate and have been incredible."

Michael Roth

Sales Engineering Manager


Highest Impact of Performance Improvement

"Barry’s training has to be the highest impact in terms of performance improvement. After 27 years of successful selling, Barry woke me up and reminded me of the key attributes of super selling. The ability to enquire and engage appropriately is a key skill that Barry teaches, then demonstrates is the shortest path to an order."

Chris Morgan

2006 Account Manager of the Year


The results are immediate and measurable...

"This program focuses on skill sets that will help every HP partner transform how they sell. The results are immediate and measurable: increased ASP, increased margins, shorter sales cycles, and the ability to quickly differentiate from the competition."

Al Chien

Vice President of Sales

Dasher Technologies,
HP Platinum Partner

Selling Through Curiosity™

Download What You'll LearnSelling Through Curiosity™ is a manager-led virtual workshop that has been delivered by Barry Rhein & Associates to tens of thousands of people from numerous companies worldwide. The program, which is intended for salespeople and other customer-facing individuals, is a team-based manger-led sales skills program that teaches simple, easy-to-use selling techniques that are agnostic to all methodologies. During the program, participants will practice (and then practice again) these techniques in a fun and engaging way. For over 30 years, the program has asked participants, "How do your skill sets compare to those of the world's most successful salespeople?" and closed skill gaps by teaching:

A Customized Prospecting System - An effortless approach

What if you had a prospecting template that was customized to your product or service and that would put you in the top 10% of all sales experts? Imagine having a new set of skills, you could use with both prospects and existing customers not only to get appointments consistently and easily, but also to position you as a leading expert right out of the gate. With our system you will learn . . .
  • How to greatly increase the number of appointments you set with qualified and eager prospects while actually reducing the amount of time you spend prospecting.
  • How to turn your current prospecting model into a full—and almost automatic—New Business Development campaign.
  • How to elegantly work with and talk to gatekeepers so that they actually become allies in your sales process.

  • Mastering Information Gathering - Secrets that most salespeople never learn

    What if you had a complete Discovery Process Template that told you, step-by-step, how to ask the right questions to understand and capture what’s truly important to your prospect and consistently win the sale? Imagine having complete confidence in your ability to understand your customer’s world better than any of your competitors—and almost better than they understand it themselves. With our system, you will learn how to consistently. . .
  • Determine whether an account is your ideal customer or is simply going to be a waste of your precious time and energy.
  • Ask the right questions—customized for your product or service—to accurately, quickly, and completely qualify any prospect.
  • Capture your customer’s true needs and their definition of value to precisely match your solution to what they ideally would like to buy.
  • Uncover a prospect’s complete decision-making process right from the start so you know exactly what you need to do each step of the way to win their business.
  • Use the Discovery Process Template to control your sales cycle, eliminate unwanted surprises, and dramatically reduce your time to close every opportunity.

  • Creating Customized Value - Becoming your customer's ideal solution every time

    What if there was a simple formula that would allow you to use your customer’s own words, examples, and stories to convince them that yours is the perfect solution for them every time? Imagine becoming confident and comfortable with a repeatable process that would customize your solution and create so much value in your customer’s mind that they would want to work with you no matter what the price. With our system, you’ll learn how to . . .
  • Use your customer’s definition of value to customize presentations, demonstrations, and proposals—so they believe that the only right decision is to buy from you.
  • Use customized value to get your prospect to believe without a shadow of a doubt that your solution is what they are ideally looking for—and to make their need for the lowest price practically disappear.
  • Make your presentations interactive so that you always get accurate feedback from your customer each step of the way and know where you stand in terms of winning their business.
  • Make your presentations so profoundly powerful that your customers realize you understand their needs more than any of your competitors.
  • Link customized value to pricing in a way that your customer is able to justify paying more.
  • Use customized value to lead and control your sales process.

  • Objection Handling, Negotiating, and Closing - Becoming comfortable and confident in closing all the business

    What if you knew lots of different ways to ask all the “hard” closing questions—and you were able to learn exactly what needed to happen to win your customer’s business each and every time? Imagine having mastered new objection handling and closing techniques so thoroughly that you become 100% confident throughout the objection handling and closing process. With our system, you’ll learn how to . . .
  • Become confident while asking the “hard” closing and objection handling questions.
  • Use your customer’s description of value to overcome objections and eliminate the need for discounting.
  • Adopt the tactics and mindset used by the world’s most successful salespeople to negotiate, and close deals so that you come out on top every time.
  • Become comfortable dealing with pricing-related issues.
  • Work with your customer so that they feel respected and well taken care of throughout the entire negotiation process.

  • Relationship Building - The fastest way to differentiate yourself from the competition

    What if you could—in days or weeks—build high quality relationships with your customers that would normally take months or even years? What if adding a few small actions to your sales process could shorten your selling cycle by days or months? Imagine knowing something your competitors don’t know that would cause your customers to like, trust, and want to do business with you and only you, right out of the gate. With our system, you’ll learn how to . . .
  • Use a Relationship Building Process to shorten the time it takes to get your customers to like, trust, and open up to you in a profound way.
  • Quickly demonstrate to your customer the true differentiation between you and your competition.
  • Use a Relationship Building Process to learn—from your customer—how to speed up the selling process and ensure that you’ll win their business.
  • Take the “people buy from people” concept to a whole new level in a few short minutes regardless of your average sales price.
  • To learn more about the Selling Through Curiosity™ program or register for an upcoming session, please contact us directly.

    Workshop Participants Receive

    Distinct Deliverables. At the Selling Through Curiosity™ workshop, you’re going to learn and practice (and then practice again) a tremendous number of skills that will have a powerful effect on your ability to close deals and put more money in your pocket. And if that’s not enough, at the end of the Selling Through Curiosity™ workshop you’ll walk away with these 12 tangible tools and templates that will have an immediate impact on your business:

    1. A written “How To” Prospecting Template that will greatly increase your odds of prospecting success.
    2. A clear and direct “Elevator Pitch” or “Personal Value Proposition”.
    3. Your own “Objection Handling Flip Chart”™ — a powerful tool customized to YOUR industry, to provide answers to the most common objections you hear in trying to prospect. This flipchart has been designed to arm you with engaging and sales-advancing responses to overcome any objections your customer might have to scheduling an appointment.
    4. A customized Key Qualification Categories Template which will list the key “buckets” of information you must understand through conversation with your prospect to know if an opportunity is truly qualified.
    5. Your own “Customer Qualification Questionnaire”™. This is a customized list of questions that you’ll use whenever you engage with a potential customer. By relying on this list, you’ll know that you’re using the right and most-effective questions you need to ask all along your selling process.
    6. An Advanced Questioning Methodology that will allow you to gather the necessary information needed to customize your solution and to ensure that the customer wants to buy from you.
    7. A Customized Presentation Template of best practices that shows you how to communicate the real value of your product or service to your customer in a way that shows that you truly understand their needs and they believe you are the only right decision for them.
    8. A Relationship Building Template customized to your selling process, and complete with “how-to's” that will allow you to build profound relationships with your customers quicker and easier than ever before.
    9. An Objection Handling Questioning Process that will give you a framework of what to do when given objections along the selling process.
    10. Customized Closes that you can customize to your personal selling style.
    11. A Negotiating Template with customized items for your industry that will allow you to get more and give less during negotiations with your customer.
    12. A written Action Plan on what you will do starting the very next day after training.

    Extraordinary Benefits and Outcomes. Through each stage of the sale, you will gain skills to achieve additional benefits for you and your company:

    • Prospecting – set more appointments at higher levels with new and existing customers.
    • Qualification – asking the right questions to identify true customer pain and understand the complete decision making process.
    • Customization – sell value by mapping your solution to the customer’s priorities thus mitigating having to be the lowest price.
    • Objection Handling and Closing – ask all the hard questions with confidence.
    • Negotiating – give less and get more.
    • Relationship Building – build profound relationships in days/weeks vs. months/years

    These enhanced results are expected to lead to the following outcomes:

    • Immediate confidence and excitement in students wanting to use Selling Through Curiosity™
    • Increased ASPs
    • Reduced discounting
    • Increased win rates
    • Increased quality and quantity of pipeline with both new and existing customers
    • Increased individual rep productivity immediately

    Guaranteed Results.  Barry Rhein & Associates is so confident of Selling Through Curiosity's™ ability to impact your results, that we want to make your decision to attend our virtual Selling Through Curiosity™ program as simple as possible. So here is what to do. Register for the program. Try module one taught on the first day. If, at the end of the day you do not feel like you have learned skills and techniques that will have an immediate impact on your ability to quickly and effectively qualify and close sales, simply tell us and we will refund your money immediately. The beauty is that you sit at your desk, attend a few hours of training, and you will see clearly just how Selling Through Curiosity™ can take your career to the next level! 

    Register for Selling Through Curiosity™ training now. We know that you will not regret it. The only risk is in not registering for the program.

    And its Virtual!Immediate and Measurable Sales Results Without Travel

    To learn more, download our What You'll Learn overview, take our Sales Challenge or Contact Us directly.

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