Coaching Through Curiosity™

Why do people change? Of course, many factors are involved in answering this question, but one of the most central of these factors is that we change to stay in relationships with people we care about. Workers will change their work habits to keep their jobs, and stay where they are employed. A partner will change in a relationship to preserve that relationship. Parents will change the way they parent their children when they feel a child rebelling or distancing from them.

How can we change and yet stay true to ourselves? A coach is someone you bring into your life to support you changing in a manner that acknowledges your own core values and beliefs. He or she uses powerful questioning and accountability to help you define and then live in a way that honors your unique values.  Coaching Through Curiosity™ will help you develop the coaching skills of focused listening, inquiry, and creating powerful accountable life structures that will help you break up your own stuck patterns. It will also teach you the coaching skills needed to support others in creating the lives they were born to live.

In this program, you will learn:

  • How to use focused questioning to help people establish the agendas in their lives that they need to focus on.
  • How to use open-ended questioning to explore those agendas and to link them to the larger values and purposes of the person's life.
  • How to help others break out of boxes of preconceived opinions, beliefs, and judgments in order to discover their own unique perspectives on their lives.
  • How to support others in building structures of accountability around them so that they follow through on their good intentions.
  • How to sustain others in defining and then creating their ideal lives.
  • How to teach others to celebrate their victories and enjoy life.
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