Living Through Curiosity™

Why do most people never achieve the happiness or the quality of life that they desire? Living Through Curiosity™ is a program of self-inquiry that will help you unravel that dilemma and discover a way to achieve your heart’s desire. Using the structure in this program you can find a way to live your life with zest, accomplish significant goals, and live in ever-greater integrity and truth. One key element in this process is uncovering thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and ways of looking at yourself and your world that are hindering your success. Curiosity, because it has no agenda other than understanding the truth of any situation, can dissolve those barriers. Living Through Curiosity™ supports your exploration of the core, life-altering questions most people never ask. The goal of Living Through Curiosity™ is to give you the tools and techniques you will need to live your life courageously, to put aside your limited thinking, your opinions, and your attachment to being right, in order to discover what is possible about who you are, what your world truly is, and what it could become.

In this program, you will learn:

  • How to use open-ended questioning to discern the obstacles within you that act as stumbling blocks to success in all areas of your life, and then begin to dismantle those barriers.
  • How to use open-ended questioning to identify and articulate the core values that guide your life, and then align yourself with those values.
  • How to use open-ended questioning to recognize specific aspirations you want to achieve in this lifetime and begin moving toward them.
  • How to create structures and spaces in your life where you have the time and the energy to inquire about these essential issues of life.
  • How personal inquiry processes can move us from simply reacting to circumstances into a space of proactively creating and attracting the things we want and need to live a fulfilled, creative, happy life.
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