Parenting Through Curiosity™

There is no school for parenting. We guarantee that this program will help fill that gap and dramatically change your home life. Our goal is to teach you a new set of skills, strategies, and perspectives that will reduce the level of conflict in your household and increase the level of communication and understanding between you and your children. In it, you will learn:

  • How to use great questions to transform conflict into collaboration.
  • How to use inquiry to help tailor your parenting style to your child’s developmental changes.
  • How to use effective strategies to stay in relationship with your child even when he or she doesn’t want to.
  • How to develop the confidence to parent and stay connected with your children in all circumstances from the little day-to-day trials to the big explosions.
  • How to maintain standards of behavior without getting stuck in righteousness.
  • How to shift the conversation from one with winners and losers to one where everyone feels heard.
  • How to implement the skill sets of effective questioning, genuine listening, and building understanding.
  • How to stay relaxed and in peace as a parent, even when your kids are not doing what you want them to do
To learn more about the Parenting Through Curiosity™ program or register for an upcoming session, please contact us directly.

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